General Instructions on how to create engaging email marketing videos...

Instructions on how to create engaging email marketing videos and how to incorporate them


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The next level in creative email delivery is to use videos. Video adds an element of interactivity to subscribers that stimulates curiosity and increases engagement., an online platform for customer relationship management (CRM), surveyed its marketing audience about email marketing videos. The results were incredible.

Researchers found that attaching videos to emails can result in a 200-300% increase of click-through rate (CTR). Additionally, simply using the term “video” as a subject line can increase open rate by 19%, and overall CTR by 65%. [1]

It is even more impressive that marketers reported that video in email reduced the number of unsubscribers by 26% and that over half their subscribers (54%) prefer emails with videos. [2]

Video isn’t just easy to consume, but it can also be a way to stand out from the crowd in your inbox. Loom is a high-tech yet easy-to-use editing tool that can be embedded into YouTube videos.

Here’s your guide to creating engaging email marketing videos.

How to include videos in email marketing

Both saying you have video content and seamlessly deploying it can be two different things. Here’s how to make it happen.

Use a Screenshot or a Still Image with a Play Button Overlay

Take a screenshot of the video and then upload it into Canva or Add Play Button To image. You can also overlay the “Play” button over your image.

Copy and paste the image in your email. Include a link to your video. This format clearly shows that your content is a video, and directs viewers to it.

Design Your Own Gif

GIFs give endlessly; they are far more simple to create than you might think. Imgflip is a free tool that allows you to create and modify your own GIF thumbnails using your videos.

You can choose exactly which frames you want to display. Then, generate and download your GIF. Drag and drop this short video marketing into an email and then link to it in your email.

You can go the extra mile by adding a play button above your GIF to create the illusion of full-content and increase click-throughs.

Use A GIF or Still Image Hybrid: Animated play button overlay

This last one is more involved but still highly effective.

You can upload the same still image, or screenshot as your video to Canva. Select the project size that you like. The YouTube thumbnail option is my favorite for video marketing content.

Select “more” from the menu left of your project. Canva is linked to Giphy. Look up “play” to see the results! You can add “sticker”, to your search for uncluttered animated GIFs.

Now, download the video you just created and upload it via EZ Gif/Imglfip. Copy the address of your GIF after it is generated. Next, insert the URL for your image into your email client.

Now all you have to do is link this image to your full video.

Email Service Providers Make it Easy

It’s easy to add video via customer email management platforms. Most email management platforms let you paste a link directly to your video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Here are some recommended email platforms

Active Campaign




If you use the desktop version, the video link will be added as an attachment. Clicking the link will open in the recipient’s inbox, rather than redirecting.

Now that we have the how and the why, let’s get to the what!

Ideas for engaging video newsletters

You can make simple or complex email videos, and each one will be successful. You should start with a strategy content plan that includes a sequence or campaign goals. Then create videos to correspond with each stage of the customer’s inbox journey.

A professional introductory video should be recorded with background information on your company and you. This will help new or cold contacts. It’s time for you to show your professionalism and offer to hot leads.

You can create a more personal experience

Segmented lists allow you to give them targeted video marketing content relevant to what they are interested in learning or seeing. Video marketing offers a dynamic approach to personalization, engagement, and engagement.

Send Exciting Announcements

Do you have big news to share? Or even little news? Make it exciting with a video! Get your audience involved in the journey! Let them go on the journey along with you.

Announcement ideas

New product

New service

The new team members

Upcoming events

Exciting collaborations


It doesn’t have to be a huge change to make it intriguing and generate some buzz in the inbox.

Displays of company culture can humanize your brand

Is your team able to work together well? Are your employees and contractors happy to talk about how much they enjoy working with you?

You can capture the moment with video and send it off to your contacts. You can also create a sense community with your audience through humanizing your brand by putting faces to the name.

Connect directly with new leads

Congratulations! Congratulations! Do not send boring, text-based emails. Instead, send a video introduction and have a real conversation.

Don’t sell your home too soon. This is all about creating a connection with your client and inspiring a sense a belonging. Ask questions about what they want, their struggles, and who they are. Get to know them.

Delight and Educate

Your audience is on the list because of a reason. They believe that they will receive something from your digital relationship. Demonstrate your loyalty!

You can create educational and value-driven material that is tangibly useful. These ideas are worth considering:

Technical tutorials

How-To videos

Framework details

Strategic plans

FAQ compilation

Recipes, both edible and theoretical

Industry-relevant guides

This video will help you match your client’s goals, challenges, and wishes. Next, you must solve the problem before they ask. This will show how indispensable and valuable you are.

Tell A Story

Stories are powerful! Storytelling is powerful!

Inspire them to conquer any obstacles they face and continue to achieve success. Show them why they want you to be there.

Promos for Products also found that email marketing research showed that video had an influence on 90% of users, helping them to make a purchasing decision. [3] This is in addition to the above research that indicated higher CTRs, open rates, and a highly profitable combination.

Selling something is your goal. Use video to highlight the benefits and features of your product.

Share Wins and Case Studies

Video is an effective tool for social proof. If your client closes a major deal, ask them for a short clip and to share the win.

Potential leads will benefit from hearing directly from clients and customers. They want to hear the truth about your brand, your offer and your products.

You can upsell your next best deal

Don’t neglect your existing customer list! If you fulfill your promises and provide assistance to those who have purchased from you, they are more likely to buy again.

If you leverage your inbox correctly, it can turn into an ATM. Video offers increased engagement and CTRs, which can increase your chances of another sale.

It’s not possible to sell everything all the time. Continue to nurture your subscribers before making the next big sale. They are just as important as customers who haven’t yet purchased from you.

You must keep your thoughts and emotions top of mind.

GIFs Are Videos Too

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” However, I think a GIF is worth more.

GIFs won’t have the same impact on your brand as a full-length video but they can be a great way to boost your brand image. GIFs are “a brief moment” of expression or movement.

These lively and fun elements are both memorable and easily re-usable. When you create a GIF that is appealing, people will share it. This can help your brand grow.

Have fun! You can dance, add dynamic text, animated a cartoon figure, display your spring line, create “the face” that clients will remember, and have fun doing it. Make a GIF of your experience.

Behind the Scenes

Everyone enjoys a glimpse behind the curtain! You can take viewers on a journey through the “day in your life” of yourself, your team, or your company.

Don’t think too much about it! Take these measurements:

Your design team at work

A brand photoshoot


Team meetings

Conferences and Events

Don’t be afraid to show the good, bad, and ugly. Don’t be afraid to share the spilled coffee or technical glitches during Zoom meetings. The more authentic and real you can be, then the better.

Email Video Best Practices

It all boils down to the details. For best results, follow these recommendations.

Announce Video Content Now

For those clicks to be elicited, make sure you include “video” in the subject line. Use the preview function, if not in the subject line.

Don’t Buy Cheap

A professional production will have more impact than an iPhone video if you’re launching a product or sharing a story. Make sure to hire professionals to help you create memorable experiences.

Optimize For Mobile

It’s no secret that both consumers and professionals spend a lot more time on their smartphones than they do on their desktops. You can preview your emails before you send them. This will ensure that the images are compatible with a mobile device. Next, adjust your email to improve the mobile user’s experience.

A clear and compelling call to action

What does the viewer get when they click? Use a catchy CTA or text overlay to inspire the viewer and get them to take immediate action. Use text overlay in your email body or text in it.

Place video in the last two thirds of your email content

Don’t give away your keys to the castle too soon. Speak up and move the video down.

Sound is not your friend

Invading someone’s mailbox can be seen as an intrusion. You shouldn’t make the situation worse by making obnoxious or annoying noises.

Encourage sharing

Your subscribers will share content they love if you provide it to them without asking. A hint is sometimes helpful. Encourage video sharing by using stickers and text overlays.


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